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What does “mindset of abundance” mean to you?

“Having a mindset of abundance means giving from a place of love rather than a place of obligation. An abundance mindset means resting in the knowledge that our needs will be taken care of as we learn to give back to the community. An abundance mindset knows that personal well-being is bound to the well-being of others.”

— Nita Jain

“It is a feeling of calm, peace and safety. It is a feeling of expansion, of deep breathing, where everything is possible and everything exists right now, without needing to do anything. To desire anything.

When you feel deeply connected to the world and to others around you, you can feel this free flowing energy between you, a shared wonder and joy.

It is overlooking the top of mountains, feeling the wide expanse and never ending beat of the ocean, enjoying the simple beauty of a flower, marveling at the richness of a yolk moon. I love nature, and nature shows us its abundance in its constancy and diversity, its seasons and harmonies, its very gift of being.”

— B.L.

“Believing that we already have the resources around us to fulfill the most basic needs of ourselves and our community and to also fill ourselves with joy and meaning. The opposite of deficit, deficiency, bereft.”

— J.C.

“Abundance, to me, means sharing resources with community. This can be knowledge, skills, or something physical. And tackling the fear that sharing means there will not be enough for me and my family.”

— Rika

“A freeing feeling of being able to accomplish important tasks and goals”

— A.B.

“The psychological consequence of thinking that one has agency, and exercising that agency”

— D.G.

“Tolerance of different ideals”

— Z.Q.