Setting the Scene

Universal Goal

The objective of this project is to eventually normalize the culture of collective giving through the power of human connection on a global scale. This post outlines one of the main motivations on a personal level, this post invites anyone to participate in the “discover” challenge, and this post lowers the barrier to entry for the busiest of us.

The Process: Discover → Commit → Give

Maintained in tandem with the anyhumans podcast, the onhumanity substack, and a Discord server, this space allows each participant to reach their human potential and satisfaction in contributing to a cause in three phases: (1) discovering each other’s humanity, (2) committing resources to pressing needs, and (3) empowering others by means of the committed resources.


Discover, Share, Empathize

• Learn about each other’s life purpose (raison d’être), pursuits, dreams, passions, struggles, and/or needs through anyhumans

• Connect with one another on a human level, minding that vulnerability leads to wholeheartedness and strengthens trust

• Find out what motivates us to support whom, with emphasis on the little-known or under-the-radar causes or situations


Commit Resources

Join or form a small mastermind group to build a collective resource base through either:

• a mindful investment process spreading out risks between group members, with an accountability mechanism

• allocating personal savings toward monetary support

• committing your skills or talents toward non-monetary help


Give to & Empower Others

Via your mastermind group: develop a collective regular giving routine maximizing tangible impact to each other’s causes, using EA (effective altruism) guiding principles: commitment to others, scientific mindset, openness, integrity, collaborative spirit

Across entire ecosystem: request or offer support for your or others’ personal needs, projects & endeavors

Let’s build this community together.

What does “mindset of abundance” mean to you?

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