Anyhumans podcast

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Anyhumans is a collective initiative within the “discover” phase of the abundance mindset community, aimed at capturing the thoughts of anyone willing to share their fundamental beliefs revolving around their present understanding of good, life purpose, and problem solving approaches. Anyone is welcome to either share their own thoughts (i.e., sign up to be a guest) or ask a friend or colleague (i.e., act as a host) using the blueprint below.

For those who are averse to interviews, an alternative is to send in self-recorded answers to any of the questions provided. The conversations will be recorded (video or audio, chosen by the guest) and compiled into podcast episodes, as will any self-submitted recordings. Below are audio snippets from three recent conversations:

Preview of episode with Jennifer C. (introduction, on defining doing good, an example)
Preview of episode with Gideon M. (on defining doing good and cause involvement)
Preview of episode with Laura P. (on the root of evil)

Due to a certain level of expected vulnerability involved and the importance of maintaining appropriate privacy, the full episode recordings will be accessible only to committed members of the abundance mindset community (i.e., those who also commit to share their own responses to the same questions), but guests have the option to designate segments of their episodes that can be open to the general public.

The following is a general structure for each episode: 

Bio and background of guest (by host)1-2 mins
Personal introductions by guests2-3 mins
Part 1. Host asks guest(s) a series of optional questions
(see the list here) to be selected by guest in advance
10-12 mins
Part 2. Host asks guest(s) to talk about their “raison d’être”
(see specific questions here)
6-7 mins
Concluding pitch/call to action
(option for screensharing, providing links to resources)
1 min

Total estimated podcast episode time: 20-25 mins

If you would like to be a guest on this podcast, please schedule a time using Calendly. To send in your self-recorded answers or to pose these foundational questions to a friend, colleague, or family member, please email at any time. Please be sure to follow the project on substack and spread word about it in your network. Thank you in advance for your interest!

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