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Most important lessons

In October-December 2022 I asked various individuals in group settings to briefly reflect on their past year and answer one or more of a few (deeper) questions.

The following are three sets of photos of (anonymized) raw submissions to question 1:

“What is the most important lesson you’ve learned this year?”

The first set was collected from attendees of a picnic in Central Park, NYC. The second set of answers were shared and collected at a Friendsgiving gathering in November. The third set was collected at a potluck dinner in early December.

Beginning in 2023, I will synthesize each of these and other answers received (anonymously for the most part) with personal commentary on Substack, opening the floor to all. If you’d like to submit yours (one sentence is enough!) and have it addressed or discussed in a substack blog post, anonymously or not, please do so by emailing at any time. Thank you!

For those who are curious about the top photo: I took it back in the summer of 2007, and it is a bridge (in the process of being constructed at the time) across a river flowing through a “central park” in Moscow, Russia. Make of this metaphor what you will.

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